meet Mr. Fussy


When I was a boy in a small town on the shores of Lake Huron, there was an older man who lived across the street from us. Every day throughout the spring and summer I noticed him diligently working on his property. His gardens always looked so lush and cared for, unlike ours. I can’t explain why I admired this man and his work, but I did. He will never know the influence he’s had on my life, but by example he opened the eyes of a child to the disciplines of hard work, a thoughtful pride in ownership and the heart-stirring beauty of a garden.

Beauty and design, wherever I witness it on earth, speaks to my soul in a way unlike any other experience I’ve known in my life. From travel – local strolls and world adventures, to art – books, film, music – to everyday conversations and encounters, I intentionally bring home inspiration from what I observe and integrate it into my home and garden. I believe our homes should be more than just a place we live – they should be an artful expression of all such inspiration.