Weed or Flower?

Well, I guess this is more of a rant than a tip, but I just have to get very fussy about an issue that’s really annoying to me for a whole bunch of reasons.

Behold, the Dandelion (Taraxacum), our new provincial flower. It used to be the Trillium, a fantastic and rare specimen, but apparently our government has decided (without consulting with the public) to make this our new emblem of pride, or should I say shame. I’m only assuming this, given that our boulevards and public areas have become overwhelmed with this unsightly, grass destroying weed.


A few years ago it was decided to ban all pesticides and insecticides in our lovely country, without an optional game plan in place for controlling invasive weeds and insects, pandering to all the well-meaning groups concerned with such matters for obvious reasons.

It seems quite convenient and interesting to me that the cost of managing public grounds from the government budget has apparently disappeared. I don’t recall getting a tax credit on this service now that it’s gone the way of the wind.

Each year the public grounds show an increasing lack of care, but this spring the weed invasion and lack of management over its aesthetic impact on our community and province was painfully obvious. Weeds grow twice as fast as grass, so maybe some of the money saved not spraying in moderation organic weed killers could be used doubling up the grounds trimming.

I’ll start with home. Let’s not get used to this people, come on Oakville, clean up your act. I know the taxes we pay – you can afford it!