We Press On

Much has happened at our property overhaul in recent weeks. The house is coming along, framing done, finishing up on insulation and boarding, all new doors and windows, electrical, plumbing and HVAC. Finding good trades has been challenging in this neck of the woods, namely because of the shortage of skilled workers and the increasing demands of new development in the area.


However, I’ve managed to forge ahead with as much preparation as I can on the landscape design and planning of the new gardens with hopes of completing the work next spring. Seems like there’s a waiting list of no less than two years for many local landscape companies to deliver the goods. Hmm…I smell opportunity.

Anyway, over the spring and the summer with help from the good folk I’ve sourced, we’ve cleaned up the shoreline, pruned all the trees, recovered forgotten garden beds from overgrown weeds, vines and ground cover, transplanted many shrubs and added some Boxwood hedges to better frame the Bayview gardens at the back of the house.

It was really beginning to take shape, but nature is unpredictable and in spite of our best efforts to improve the shoreline gardens, record high water levels on Georgian Bay and a severe fall storm rendered much of the waterfront work futile. The tiered gardens and large rocks along the shoreline holding our soil, mature trees and landscaping have been torn out by the storm exposing roots to freezing, leaving our back yard soil exposed and vulnerable to further erosion. Our terraced gardens left damaged, washed out to the bay. Most certainly a setback, and yet another challenge in the midst of a difficult renovation.

None the less, discouraging as it has been, we will need to address this latest set back with innovation, imagination, patience and of course more money. Ugh!