Trees R Us

A non-negotiable on the Grandview property was privatizing the property and creating a beautiful space to look out the front windows at. The backyard view of Georgian Bay sealed the deal, but the front yard simply didn’t beckon the same response. An underwhelming streetscape and hydro wires draped across the property didn’t provide a pleasant shared vista in our new neighbourhood and so we began to dream it, plan it, create it.


I find most fellow Canadians are content with bare bones landscaping, spindly trees, sparse shrubbery and little if any tasteful or imaginative gardening, too much work or money I suppose. I would argue it’s worth it not only for your own enjoyment but for the pleasure of others. The principle of the borrowed or shared view has great community benefit.

Even if you’re not “fussy” like me, there are many ways you can improve the attractiveness of your home and gardens. It does take an investment of your time, some money and thoughtful work though, and maybe a professional to help you envision the possibilities based on your budget. At the very least just taking care of your property can make a big difference and the payback on your property value is certain.

Mission Accomplished. We’ve just added twelve 20′ to 24′ Colorado Green Spruce across the front and the results have been transformative. This gives us instant maturity and the background screening needed to soften our view beyond the property and provide a beautiful annual green privacy backdrop to the front gardens.