The Boath House Garden, Scotland

As I come to a close on our tour of Scottish gardens from my trip last August I’m excited to share this memorable and somewhat surprising experience at The Boath House.


Our friend who planned the trip had specifically booked us at The Boath House knowing how passionate I am for gardens. I say surprising because for whatever reason I had failed to grasp the scale and detail in store for me at this luxury country estate which features a grand 1825 Georgian home surrounded by 22 acres of gardens, a lake and a wonderful garden shop and cafe.

It was magical from the moment we arrived and while we only had two days there I found myself going back at various times during our stay to capture images of the overwhelming beauty of this stunning property.

It seemed the more you looked the more there was to see. The mark of an outstanding garden. Here are some of the images that most express the impression for me of this utterly seductive and charming place.