Style at Home

A year ago, Donna Griffith, photographer for Style at Home Magazine, did a full day garden shoot and then returned to do interiors of our home on Forestwood. The October 2012 issue just hit the shelves and after waiting all this time it was such a delight to see the feature. Our home is more traditional than most that are showcased, so we weren’t sure how much profile it would receive. While it didn’t make the cover and many of the images they shot weren’t included, we were pretty pleased with the five pages they dedicated to a story about our new home studio.



For those interested who are out of reach, we’ve posted a PDF of the article itself. It was such a wonderful way to celebrate the completion of our accomplishment here. I’ve also included some of the additional images of the gardens that didn’t make the final cut.





Fuschia has one of the most exquisite blooms.




Then they turn into this. Hey, I just noticed that the first three letters of “Fuchsia” is “fus”, which is the same as the first three letters of “fussy”. Maybe that’s why I like them.




If you’re not into the stripes, this David’s White Phlox is a good alternative.




These little topiaries added a beautiful architecture to our outside patio table this summer.




The Sedum are coming out in bloom. A sure sign of the fall approaching.




Hostas are flowering along our walkway.




Coleus are my favourite annuals. Their leaves are so brilliant they provide great colour throughout the season.




This is more of a chipmunk house, even though it was intended for birds.




Along the fence I have Cotoneaster bordering the yews. The berries that come in the fall add a great aesthetic.




Sweet Woodruff and Lamium Purpureum.




Pee Gee Hydrangea Standard. I love them best when the flowers turn colour.




Weigela in bloom – a hardy little shrub.




Our stone bench, poolside, birdbath and climbing Hydrangea.