Spring-ing Up

The first sign of change for me is the ground flowers that flag us to the warmer weather coming and ultimately, gardening season. Hyacinths, Bloodroot, Daffodils, English Bluebells, Tulips and Vinca are a few of my favourites.


This spring is bitter sweet for me. As many of you know we’re undergoing a time of significant transition and with all the anticipated renovation on the new house this summer, I’m afraid I’ll miss the joy of having my own garden to fully tend to. However, to keep my mind engaged I’ve decided to focus on designing and planning next year’s garden space here at Grandview. There’s lots of preparatory work to do. I also have a couple of garden projects for friends who have contracted me to help them “Dream it. Plan it. Create it.”

Learning to replace the time I usually spend in the garden getting ready for the unfolding beauty of outdoor life will be filled doing other things related to help keep my time productive and hopeful for a good outcome on this next venture.

Wherever you find yourself this season, enjoy and make the most of every moment, life can be naturally beautiful.