Southeast Oakville Garden Project

It was already November when Jon Bowman from JRB Group called me and said, “I need Fussy.” I was concerned about access to plants, not to mention the planting of them so late in the fall. Jon was pushing forward to finish a beautiful new build in southeast Oakville on Lakeshore for putting on the market early in the new year.


I met urgently with with Tom Henderson from Proscape and Jon and his team from JRB Group. After walking the property, reviewing hard scape requirements, discussing grade issues and determining Jon’s vision for the landscaping, I went to work on some initial rough sketches to dovetail design and planting recommendations to coincide with Proscape’s work in preparing the property for a driveway, hammerhead, window wells, walkways, patio areas, etc..



No time was wasted. Once the general concepts were approved I put together a rough inventory of plant stock and met with Jon at Connon Nurseries to select plants and arrange delivery. It was a large order and timing was now critical. Jon’s team worked relentlessly through fluctuating temperatures and around the Proscape team to prepare the garden areas around the property. Thanks to Richard and his crew, mission accomplished. We warehoused the plants in a nearby garage, pulling them for planting as the beds became ready. It was almost like relay gardening. Problems arose as they often do, which forced us to change plans and think quickly to accommodate the unfolding realities.


For the most part a milder than usual winter favoured the project and by Christmas all the planting was done. As with any plan things need to flex as the project evolves, but the overall vision was realized and the final outcome will provide the new owners with a mature garden framework from which to add their own selection of perennials and any additional architecture, water features or furnishings they desire, and all under an extraordinary time frame.