Rock On!

We’re approaching a full year of non-stop, full-tilt, cheque-hemorrhaging renovation on our latest property make over and I’m not going to lie, I’m exhausted. Like any large project there’s a point where you just want to quit, but there’s no turning back once you’re this far into it and so we press on to the finish line.


Grandview has been a process of realizing how little we actually had to work with and the related expenses of correcting all the inherent faults and rebuilding a home worthy of this most beautiful Georgian Bay view. Money Pit 2, the sequel, I could probably write a screenplay on this one.

Just as we were approaching the final stretch Georgian Bay was hit with fierce storms and some of the highest water levels in 30+ years. As unwelcome but necessary as the expense has been, we’ve had to purchase 8 large truckloads of boulders to shore up our shoreline and restore the gardens we worked so hard to build last summer.

Well the rocks have arrived and now we’re faced with both the expense and logistics of placing them on our eroding shore for fortification. Most likely a spring project.