Meeting Mr. Hindle

Well, this post is as much a “Fussy Find” as it is an adventure. Hindle’s in Clarksburg (The Blue Mountains) is a legendary Hardware Store in our new turf which quite honestly has all the stuff you’ll never find at Home Depot or Canadian Tire. Since we moved here everyone has told us it’s a must visit and it was. Unpretentious, interesting, welcoming and understated.


James and Patricia Hindle started their mom and pop enterprise over 50 years ago and have carved out a niche business, based on those good old business principles of entrepreneurial hard work, useful products, great service and enthusiastic salesmanship.

When James Hindle heard I was a gardener, he wasted no time leading me over to his “garden tool department”, one row over from the cash register, where he proudly demonstrated the effectiveness of his Hindle-branded custom pruning tools partnering with a company in Japan he met while at a trade show in Chicago. He liked the product they made, but had some adjustments to his liking. He even managed a chauffeured visit via Toronto to his store from the president of this Japanese company, which is an epic story on its own. As impressive as the demonstration was, the line of Felco products won my favour.

I’ll be back and I’ll tell my friends. Thank you James for an inspiring visit.




James Hindle proudly showing me his Hindle’s pruning tools.