Interesting Websites to Check Out

My friend David Graham White, a professor of Photography at Sheridan College, shares a passion for gardens. He has added to his blog some new work which I’d like to share with you:


“What changes when you are there before my eyes is that you become unpredictable. What you are about to do is unknown to me. I follow you. You act. And with what you do, I fall in love again.” -John Berger

From the folk at Charles Luck Stone Centre comes this interesting blog called Charles Luck Perspectives. For those looking to enhance their garden with shed ideas. I love the way they integrate their niche of the stone business into various related areas of design and branding. Well done, Charles Luck!


For people looking to find unique architectural pieces, pots and urns for the garden you might want to keep an eye out on this Bunny Williams link. Closer to home and less expensive are two great resources: The Door Store in Toronto or Artefacts in St. Jacobs.