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A Summer Garden Wedding in British Columbia

I have attended some impressive weddings over the years, but this was my first garden wedding and it was simply spectacular! A memorable day at a private farm outside of Vancouver, BC. With the history of rainfall this summer out west it was nothing shy of a miracle how perfect the day’s weather was and as a result everything was lush and green.


Anna Wintour’s Wild Garden

I came across a feature article by Page Dickey on this wonderful garden by landscape designer Miranda Brooks, featured in T Magazine (The New York Times Style Magazine). Such a spectacular country garden – I just had to share it with you.

Read the article.

A Fussy Garden

Our first summer with garden complete at Forsythe. Enjoying the beauty of our hard work and nature’s reward.



When planning a new garden architectural feature, I always start with Pinterest or Instagram to help inspire and vision cast. I found this wonderful little chart on Pinterest – “The World’s Greatest Catalogue of Ideas”, which provides a great quick reference on details for rafter tail profiles. Whether you’re planning a new detail on your home exterior, arbor, pergola, gate or fence detail, it’s always good to consider how that choice complements your existing home finishes.


Oh Shoot!

Working with lifestyle photographer Donna Griffith is always a pleasure. She brings something special to every project. A near perfect day started at 4:30am to catch the dawn light on the property. The preamble prep for the gardens nearly killed me, but I’m excited to see the outcome of her work and hopefully my effort paid off as well. Will keep you posted.


The Royal Botanical Outdoor Theatre of Greenery

I don’t know about you, but I often neglect the most exciting places around me. It may take a friend or family member from far away announcing a visit before I desperately start looking for things to do in the “neighbourhood”. When I travel I spend a good amount of time planning interesting destinations elsewhere, but at home, not so much.


The best gardens always have water features. Just inside The Dalglish Family Courtyard is the first of many at Rock Garden I enjoyed.