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The Royal Botanical Outdoor Theatre of Greenery Part 2

When I visited The Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington / Hamilton, Ontario last summer I was very surprised to realize how vast their different properties are. What started as a notion to spend a leisurely afternoon checking out what the RBG was all about turned into a briskly paced marathon through only three of the gardens, punctuated by drives to parking lot areas at their various locations spread out over kilometres. And there was lots more I didn’t see.


This helpful legend gave an excellent overview and helped guide my priorities for this visit.

A Summer Garden Wedding in British Columbia Part 2

I thought I’d share some additional photos from the garden wedding I recently attended at a private farm outside of Vancouver, British Columbia. Enjoy!


I’ve always loved Blue Hydrangea and they had plenty of the best examples I’ve seen anywhere. The flowers get their colour from the pH in the soil. By adjusting the pH, you can turn pink flowers into blue (or blue flowers into pink).

A Summer Garden Wedding in British Columbia

I have attended some impressive weddings over the years, but this was my first garden wedding and it was simply spectacular! A memorable day at a private farm outside of Vancouver, BC. With the history of rainfall this summer out west it was nothing shy of a miracle how perfect the day’s weather was and as a result everything was lush and green.


Anna Wintour’s Wild Garden

I came across a feature article by Page Dickey on this wonderful garden by landscape designer Miranda Brooks, featured in T Magazine (The New York Times Style Magazine). Such a spectacular country garden – I just had to share it with you.

Read the article.