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Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

I couldn’t have anticipated the continuous beauty of the historic gardens of Colonial Williamsburg. The majority of Williamsburg’s gardens were planted between the 1930’s and 1960’s. A renewed public interest in the American colonial past began to stimulate the preservation of old homes, resulting in the Colonial Revival style.


Inside Out

We were glad to finally see a copy of the July 2018 issue of Canadian House & Home Magazine featuring all the hard work on our most recent home and garden project – “Forsythe”.


Villa Rufolo | Ravello, Italy


I’ve seen some spectacular places on the planet, but when I think of gardens few places have the legacy of beauty that Italy has. This past fall I returned a third time to the Amalfi coast to enjoy a different season in Ravello, and in particular to visit for the first time the gardens of Villa Rufolo.


All The Best From My Home to Yours

Everyone seems to be in some state of shock on how quickly Christmas descended upon us all this year. My theory is that we’ve all been in such an accelerated state doing this and that, we’ve sped through the last 12 months like a busy weekend, and so here we are.


You might be wondering why there have been so few posts since May. By way of update, 2017 was jam-packed with one of the busiest years I’ve lived in recent memory. Two amazing trips; Australia, New Zealand and then Europe; Italy – Sicily, Croatia, Montenegro, not to mention the west coast of Canada.

We All Fall Down

40+ bags of leaves, but who’s counting? The stately 450 year old Oak tree which provides a colony of life that canopies our home spring, summer and fall is of course the last to let go of its leaves in September.


The Arthur Meighen Gardens, Stratford, Ontario


The grounds around the Stratford Festival are worth the trip, even if you’re not particularly fond of Mr. Shakespeare and his work. It had been some time since I’d been there, regretfully. My wife takes an annual pilgrimage weekend with her mom and sisters to hang out and take in a production.

Unfortunately I only brought my iPhone and so, with no real camera in hand, my image account of this surprisingly impressive garden fell short of what it might have been. That and the crowds made the potential for good picture-taking somewhat limited. None the less, the point of this blog is to bring attention to beautiful botanical destinations and not showcase my imagery. I hope this humble showcase will inspire a visit some bright summer day in the near future.

Not exploding popcorn on a stick!

Not exploding popcorn on a stick!

The Water is Free

A great idea from Family Handyman for capturing roof waste water and repurposing it for plants and garden areas. Of course there are different ways to do this, but I thought this was smart and I liked the illustration.