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In The Garden

I came across Beth Dow’s work a few months ago and then more recently. I particularly loved here series called, “In The Garden”. Something about the tones and texture of the images and the way she frames a shot I find completely captivating. Beth has an eye for irony. The way she frames a shot I find completely captivating. Beth has an eye for irony.


Hedging Your “Frets”

I was recently asked when the best time to trim your Boxwood and Yews are. I have a lot of hedges, both Boxwood and Yews, and I have trimmed them at different times of the year, depending on my personal scheduling and when they seem to need it most.


Venice, Italy

I’ve visited Italy a few times, but had never made it to Venice. Well, my new favourite city in Italy. Venice is one of the most uniquely beautiful cities I’ve ever visited for a whole bunch of reasons, but for the purposes of this post, the gardens were extraordinary.


Our New Calling

We were so honoured to have American publisher Hoffman Media feature our master bedroom on the cover of their new book release, “Classic Cottages – A Collection of Welcoming Homes with Personal Charm”. When Cindy Smith Cooper called and asked if we had any other house projects they could use, we were delighted when they chose to feature Forestwood as well.


The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side

I’m not sure why we don’t have a Rolling Greens Nursery in the GTA, or something as gardening “stylish” – well, there is Centro in Burlington. Maybe it’s time for Fussy to start up a store?

Anyway, I came across this beautiful concept online and if it’s as exciting in person as their website is, I definitely want to pay a visit next time I’m in LA or Culver City.

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