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Southeast Oakville Garden Project

It was already November when Jon Bowman from JRB Group called me and said, “I need Fussy.” I was concerned about access to plants, not to mention the planting of them so late in the fall. Jon was pushing forward to finish a beautiful new build in southeast Oakville on Lakeshore for putting on the market early in the new year.


Gardens – Turks & Caicos Style

It’s no secret I love tropical climates, and not just for the warmer temperatures, but also for the lush green vegetation. There’s something particularly exotic about well designed gardens in such places, distinct from anything at home in my growing zone.

To celebrate the end of a significant chapter in our lives and the beginning of a new one, we planned a two week escape to the beautiful Caribbean destination of Turks & Caicos. We stayed at the urban chic Gansevoort on Grace Bay for the first week and then took a most memorable boat ride to COMO Parrot Cay for the second week. While the two properties were extraordinary, each provided very unique experiences.


Of course I always pay particular attention to the landscaping, the gardens, the design of the setting. I’ve found this always plays a critical role in the overall lasting impression of a destination. It really sets the stage and creates a sense of holiday, mystery and excitement about being somewhere remarkably appointed. In this regard, neither resort disappointed.

In The Garden

I came across Beth Dow’s work a few months ago and then more recently. I particularly loved here series called, “In The Garden”. Something about the tones and texture of the images and the way she frames a shot I find completely captivating. Beth has an eye for irony. The way she frames a shot I find completely captivating. Beth has an eye for irony.


Hedging Your “Frets”

I was recently asked when the best time to trim your Boxwood and Yews are. I have a lot of hedges, both Boxwood and Yews, and I have trimmed them at different times of the year, depending on my personal scheduling and when they seem to need it most.


Venice, Italy

I’ve visited Italy a few times, but had never made it to Venice. Well, my new favourite city in Italy. Venice is one of the most uniquely beautiful cities I’ve ever visited for a whole bunch of reasons, but for the purposes of this post, the gardens were extraordinary.