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Christmas is Coming!



Using evergreen wastage and natural dried twigs, cones and berries, is still a lovely way to decorate. You can usually pick up other more exotic dried or cut plants like Magnolia to further enhance your arrangements. Some of the Sedum and taller perennials like Foxglove or Phlox provide a unique attractiveness, giving shape and form to the garden through the winter months. So rather than trimming them down I like to leave them be.


Wilt Pruf

Just so you know, I don’t get compensated for pushing product…not yet anyway, but here’s a product I’m very fond of. It’s called Wilt Pruf and it has a lot of good uses.



Plant Support

If you’re like me you might wonder how people seem to manage to get their big floppy flowers, or vines, upright all summer long.


Here’s a secret I’ve discovered… bamboo stakes!



Summer Backdrop

Keeping plants alive, beds weed free and grass green are my three prime objectives every summer. Especially when things tend to fatigue mid July. This is just core to good gardening.