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Plant Support

If you’re like me you might wonder how people seem to manage to get their big floppy flowers, or vines, upright all summer long.


Here’s a secret I’ve discovered… bamboo stakes!



Summer Backdrop

Keeping plants alive, beds weed free and grass green are my three prime objectives every summer. Especially when things tend to fatigue mid July. This is just core to good gardening.


Dirt Bag!

Some of my best ideas come from those around me. I’ve noticed our neighbours getting these big truck-sized bags dropped at the end of their driveway full of rich black earth. Given that we now have a gravel driveway, cleaning up a dump of soil might be challenging. Not to mention the other benefits of this kind of containment and provision. It stays dry and soft until I’m completed, at my pacing, distributing it around our property. No worry about rain, or my irrigation system, making a big muddy mess.




Spring Back 2010

Spring came early this year. The old rule still pertains, especially in zone 6; wait until the May two-four weekend before getting too serious with the planting and gardening. We could still have snow or frost. We’re actually about a month ahead of usual seasonal change, so proceed with caution. 


May I Gripe?

By now you may have guessed that our plans for a TV show have been put on hold. It’s been a long process. We had a few interested networks, but the final consensus is that there’s not enough appeal to garden programming. It doesnt bring in the ratings we were told by HGTV. During our two-hour visit with the network on their invitation, they said they were impressed with the overall proposal, but the audience draw isn’t broad enough. I didn’t get far reminding them that most of their current programming is about the “H” not the “G” in HGTV. They invited us back to the table should we develop another concept with broader appeal. So for now we’re focused on the Internet.