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Dream Big!

Well, here it is, the big picture for my contribution’s sake to beautifying our planet. (Click on the thumbnail image for a larger viewing).




Slush Fund for Spring Cleanup

One tip that crossed my mind the other day as the courier truck slid off the road while making a delivery to us, landing in our beautifully landscaped culvert, was to put money aside to repair winter damage. This event and the snow plow taking up my guard stones and lovely new sod more than once, will require some concerted effort in the spring.


This Season’s Favourite

For the living miniature Christmas tree folk, here you go. The Cypress Evergreen (Chamaecparis Lawsoniana Ellwooddii). These little fellas are in every store this season it seems.




Christmas is Coming!



Using evergreen wastage and natural dried twigs, cones and berries, is still a lovely way to decorate. You can usually pick up other more exotic dried or cut plants like Magnolia to further enhance your arrangements. Some of the Sedum and taller perennials like Foxglove or Phlox provide a unique attractiveness, giving shape and form to the garden through the winter months. So rather than trimming them down I like to leave them be.