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Dream It. Plan It. Create It.

So goes the Fussy Gardener mantra and so goes the work at Grandview.


I found a natural stone mason in Toronto, Rod Tapp from Top Mark Property Improvements, to put in a 40’ Eramosa Tiger Stripe dry-laid retaining wall along the front of the property, part of a courtyard garden I’ve designed and I’m hoping to finish next spring. Rod and Byron finished this just before the fall came to a close and I’m delighted with the outcome. Their commitment and craftsmanship was commendable.

We Press On

Much has happened at our property overhaul in recent weeks. The house is coming along, framing done, finishing up on insulation and boarding, all new doors and windows, electrical, plumbing and HVAC. Finding good trades has been challenging in this neck of the woods, namely because of the shortage of skilled workers and the increasing demands of new development in the area.


Diggin’ It

In preparation for our new garden, some trees and shrubs we liked needed to be moved to preferable spots and gaps needed to be filled in with new plant additions. Thanks to Mike Clarke.

Fussy at Fiori

A great florist can be most inspiring to a gardener. It’s like a museum of sensory delight where nature and design, human and divine, come together in beautiful harmony.


These Boots Were Made For Gardening

One can never underestimate the importance of good gardening boots. I love clogs, easy on and off, but sometimes you need something that protects you from the muck. I’ve gone through a lot of footwear trudging through mud, planting and pruning, or even visiting nurseries in the spring.


Meeting Mr. Hindle

Well, this post is as much a “Fussy Find” as it is an adventure. Hindle’s in Clarksburg (The Blue Mountains) is a legendary Hardware Store in our new turf which quite honestly has all the stuff you’ll never find at Home Depot or Canadian Tire. Since we moved here everyone has told us it’s a must visit and it was. Unpretentious, interesting, welcoming and understated.