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A Summer Tour



Well, the hot dry summer we were promised has arrived, and we’re on full tilt with continuous attendance to a number of prep and maintenance issues around Forestwood.


Rain, rain go away



Spring has been slow in arriving at home this year. Lots of up and down temperatures and rain, rain and more rain. Every chance I’ve had over the past few weeks I’ve been out raking last fall’s debris, pruning plants, shrubs, trees and tilling the soil.


Get Growing!

“Get Growing” is a new book out by Canadian garden celebrity, Frankie Flowers (aka Frank Ferragine) of CityLine, BT Toronto and CityNews.




Let there be light!

The Rain Gods team have come to setup our irrigation system for the season. These guys have done an excellent job on our night lighting as well, following a very complex irrigation install.



Ringling Estate – Sarasota

My big surprise on this garden adventure was The John & Mable Ringling Estate and Museum of Art. While I’ve been to Sarasota a few times over the years, I had never felt compelled to check this spot out. However, having just seen the movie “Water for Elephants”, and recollections of my parents taking me to see the Barnum and Bailey Circus when I was a boy, I thought, why not? It turned out to be a highlight – a full day of intriguing variety and insightful adventure. Well worth the investment.