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Recycle Unwanted Organic Material

Leaves and small branches are a wonderful compost material, so if you have lots of big trees on your property, consider using as much of them as you can to add to your compost pile. I’m still training myself to bag organic kitchen waste to add to the mix: things like egg shells, fruit, old lettuce and other vegetables can all be part of your compost cocktail. Stir in some soil periodically, moisten with water and you’re underway creating your own humus. Nothing better for those garden beds, plus you save on buying the bagged stuff.


How’s the Grass?

When summer comes with all of its heat, it’s important to raise your mower and cut the grass higher up from the ground than you usually do. This with regular watering and over seeding helps to keep your lawn healthy through the stretch of heat fatigue.




Ecological Gardening



Many years ago when I was becoming more serious about gardening, a client gave me some white leather gardening gloves and a book by Marjorie Harris to help me with my new found hobby. Recently I had the pleasure of meeting the author, gardening expert extraordinaire Marjorie Harris, at a garden party hosted by friends in Toronto a couple of weeks ago. What a perfect evening it was. The people, the wine, the weather and the property was all quite remarkable. A great kick off to summer.


A Summer Tour



Well, the hot dry summer we were promised has arrived, and we’re on full tilt with continuous attendance to a number of prep and maintenance issues around Forestwood.