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The Strangest Spring Ever

No matter where you live, this spring has been anything but usual. I’ve been on the planet 54 years and I don’t recall ever experiencing summer in March like we did this year. Temperatures were more like mid-June one week and then like February the next. Even nature is confused, as is evidenced in this shot I took outside my kitchen window of robins sitting like still plump statues on a branch in mid–January. In our neck of the woods, robins are the first sign of spring and never seen in January.




Japanese Beetle Trap

Welcome to Canada the Japanese Beetle – lucky us!


Mid-summer my Virginia Creeper and Wisteria began to be devoured by something which I’d never seen before. I soon noticed these paired beetles clustered over the leaves. They are a metallic green and copper chafer that is a pest of fruit and foliage as an adult and of grass roots as a larva. It is native to Japan but has spread elsewhere.