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Japanese Beetle Trap

Welcome to Canada the Japanese Beetle – lucky us!


Mid-summer my Virginia Creeper and Wisteria began to be devoured by something which I’d never seen before. I soon noticed these paired beetles clustered over the leaves. They are a metallic green and copper chafer that is a pest of fruit and foliage as an adult and of grass roots as a larva. It is native to Japan but has spread elsewhere.




Fussy Guy



My plates were worn from my previous car, so I thought I’d get creative with the plate renewal. I mean, it was available, and seemed to describe the driver, so why not?! It’s fun getting the occasional chuckle from those who notice and it prepares them for what might otherwise be a surprise.


Italy & Malta

The Legend, a Seabourn cruise ship took us on the trip of a lifetime along the Mediterranean and Tyrrhenian Sea.




Recycle Unwanted Organic Material

Leaves and small branches are a wonderful compost material, so if you have lots of big trees on your property, consider using as much of them as you can to add to your compost pile. I’m still training myself to bag organic kitchen waste to add to the mix: things like egg shells, fruit, old lettuce and other vegetables can all be part of your compost cocktail. Stir in some soil periodically, moisten with water and you’re underway creating your own humus. Nothing better for those garden beds, plus you save on buying the bagged stuff.