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Spring Finds

I’d like to share one of my favourite brands of organic fertilizer for potted plants, Grotek Life. I find it works really well and is easy to use. They have a range of organic products.




Growing Up



I thought I would include a few images to update everyone on the progress and maturity of our garden. It’s actually quite amazing in three years with some care and attention how nature flourishes, even on a newer landscape.


Best time of the Year!

This spring has been toggling between quite warm and quite cool. Not a lot of rain, but the plants are coming up beautifully nonetheless. I love this time of the year because of how fertile and lush the garden looks. All of the new growth adds a vibrant green to the existing palette. Everything is fresh and in bloom, not yet fatigued by summer heat.




Christopher Campbell

I had the pleasure this spring of visiting my good friend and Canadian Landscape Architect, Christopher Campbell, at his residence studio in Guelph, Ontario.




The Strangest Spring Ever

No matter where you live, this spring has been anything but usual. I’ve been on the planet 54 years and I don’t recall ever experiencing summer in March like we did this year. Temperatures were more like mid-June one week and then like February the next. Even nature is confused, as is evidenced in this shot I took outside my kitchen window of robins sitting like still plump statues on a branch in mid–January. In our neck of the woods, robins are the first sign of spring and never seen in January.