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Walnut Farm

A mini adventure really. A weekend at Walnut Farm near Georgian Bay and the Beaver Valley. My sister-in-law and her husband have a 19th century farm and some lovely garden specimens. Thought I’d share these with you.



Fussy in Fall

Summer went by like a weekend! It was idyllic from a holiday standpoint, but a tough year to garden. Not much rain and very hot for a lot of places in North America. I experienced a bug invasion of every variety this year, munching relentlessly on my plants.




Our garden grew like a jungle, with the sprinkler system working overtime and the sun beaming intensely on everything, but here we are in fall already. Given my last post was in May, let’s just say nothing revelatory happened over the past few months, but now that the October “Style at Home” issue is out with a feature on Forestwood, I thought I’d better get busy and update.


Spring Tips

For you “fussy gardeners” out there, there’s nothing better than a good straight spade to edge all of your garden beds. This defines your garden area shapes from the lawn and dramatizes the visual distinctions within your property. I like to bevel cut the edges of the grass around the beds to further enhance a crisp aesthetic.


Cheekwood Botanical Gardens (Nashville)

I’ve just returned from a business trip to Nashville, one of my favourite American cities. The charm of the city extends well beyond my favorite pockets like The Gulch, Belle Meade, Green Hills, Hillsboro village and 12 Avenue South, to off the radar spots like Franklin and Liepers Fork – a couple of my two favourite haunts. Neighboring the famous Belle Meade Golf and Country Club of Nashville is the Cheekwood Botanical Garden & Museum of Art. This is the original Cheek family home and estate, of Maxwell House Coffee fame, which is now a public destination. It is serene and picturesque. A good place to spend a morning or full day if you have children.




Spring Finds

I’d like to share one of my favourite brands of organic fertilizer for potted plants, Grotek Life. I find it works really well and is easy to use. They have a range of organic products.




Growing Up



I thought I would include a few images to update everyone on the progress and maturity of our garden. It’s actually quite amazing in three years with some care and attention how nature flourishes, even on a newer landscape.