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Summer Vignettes

The cool wet spring and sluggish summer has resulted in an extraordinary lush garden this year. It’s certainly advanced the maturity of many of the plants. Here are a few vignettes from early summer at Forestwood.


Kevyn Bashore’s Garden Sanctuary

Usually “Garden Adventures” are my garden adventures, but this time I’m featuring a Facebook friend, Kevyn Bashore’s garden project in Pennsylvania, designed as a tribute to his parents. I’ve only visited it virtually, but thought it made a great story of a garden being a gift of love and honour.

before and after

Flora Farms

A friend of mine sent me a link of a place he stumbled on in Mexico, Flora Farms. He said their whole presentation “was almost Riordonian”. I think I get what he meant. Anyway I thought you might enjoy checking it out.

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 9.50.11 AM

Centro Garden

I can’t help but be slightly envious of this wonderful new store in neighbouring downtown Burlington. I love their aesthetic and the way they mix garden and lifestyle to create such an inviting and unique retail experience. Check out their website or better yet, pay them a visit at 437 Brant Street, Burlington, Ontario. They’re open all year around, but the store opens up outside once the warmer season arrives.


Unusual Garden Benches

I’m always snooping around for garden stuff. Everyone should have a character bench in their garden to enjoy the ambience of your outdoor sanctuary. Here are some interesting options, but if you decide the cost to ship from the UK is too much, then use it for inspiration to search for a bench closer to home or grab the images you like for Pinterest.


Cedar Springs

My guys from Cedar Springs support the care of our six garden areas by keeping all of our lawn areas trimmed and looking beautiful throughout the three seasons. If you’re in the western GTA you might want to consider Cedar Springs. Wally and his new sidekick Tyler have been managing things for Mr. Fussy.