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Construction is Underway

For those of you in the western GTA and in need of a good, reliable, get-the-job-done-right landscape construction crew, might I recommend Garden Glen. Phone number is on the truck and let me confirm, these guys are “Fussy Approved”. They’ve been working hard at transforming our property into a lovely urban garden on time, on budget and on schedule. We’ll be keeping you posted on progress in the weeks to come.

Triple mix by the truck load has arrived to fill those beds with plant-friendly, nutrient filled dirt!

Triple mix by the truckload has arrived to fill those beds with plant-friendly, nutrient-filled dirt!

“Dirty Girl”

Our Creative Director Alan Krpan passed on this video blog by a former classmate of his. I really enjoyed it and wanted to share it with you. Erin (aka “Dirty Girl”) has created this really engaging site focused on gardening in the city. You can catch her new webisodes here – very “edutaining”!

The Evolution of the Pergola

It’s been quite a journey for both Fraser (our carpenter) and myself on this Pergola project for our new garden at Forsythe. Quite a difference from my crude thumbnail to the finished structure. We worked through the logistics and tension of expectation, budget and realities. And overall, I’m quite pleased with the outcome. The final coat of stain is on. We just have the feet to finish once the stonework on the terrace is completed. Fence is stained. Big trees in and the retaining wall is underway. Looking forward to the fountain being installed as a centre piece for the Pergola (that’s “center” for my American friends). One more thing to check off the list.


Mr. Fussy, your delivery has arrived!

The big trees have arrived and are lined up along the driveway in queue for planting. The guys doing my stonework asked if we could get the big trees here sooner than later so they can put them in position before building the retaining wall. First shipment arrived today. Let the planting begin!


Forsythe Begins

It’s been hard-going, but the transformation is well underway – stay tuned!

Perfect Peonies

A friend of ours just clipped some flowers from her garden to share with us. I can’t believe how remarkable Peonies are – surreal!

I have to find a spot in the new garden to plant some, so I can pay it forward.


The Wild Wild West

As many of you know, we moved to Oakville’s West Harbour last June and well, you haven’t heard from me in awhile because we’ve been up to our eyeballs in dust and dirt. The wild wild west right now.


View of the addition from the back northwest corner of the property.

Forsythe is on the grand wrap-up and right now it’s all about getting the garden mapped out and in before the end of summer. The charm that drew us to this property is starting to prove itself, but there’s still lots to do. We’ve made a few trips to the nursery, reworked the plans that Christopher designed for us last year and now it’s all about a myriad of details. We’re definitely looking forward to seeing the details come together.

Here are the latest shots from the project and some video too! I’ll keep you posted as things unfold this summer.