Getting Ready for A Visit to the Garden Nursery

When you’re planning a large purchase of botanical product, it’s always a good idea to measure and map out your garden areas before heading off to the nurseries to purchase plants. For example, here is my rough sketch of the Grandview garden layout:


Note particulars, like sunny or shade areas. I’d recommend making an inventory of some of your favourite plants you’d like to add to your garden space, maybe even a map of the space for reference or photos, including a count of the number of each variety and some description of the height or size you need. Then when you meet with a nursery professional, you’ll have a reference for discussion purposes.

Nursery staff should provide good direction on what might work best in your garden, perhaps options to your wish list if they don’t have specifically what you want in stock or simply just to help you find what you need. You may not have everything in mind, or know exactly what you want, but the more information you have at hand when you meet will ensure you get the best value for your money spent. We’ve all purchased plants that don’t really fit in our gardens. I find it just helps me organize my thoughts so my time at the nursery is more productive.