Georgian Bay Called Us Home

The lovely under-realized town of Meaford just west of Thornbury has been homestead to our family for many years. With a new chapter of life before us we decided to leave city life and go in search of more tranquil and beautiful surroundings. Top priority was to search for waterfront property and after three years of intensive searching we finally found our new nest. The hope being that no one can build or develop on the water, so at the very least, half our view will always be naturally wondrous. With the right plan we can privatize the front half with mature plantings as any gardener would.


Over the past 30+ years as Riordon Design we’ve honed our craft in brand design and consultation, also working on a number of commercial, home and garden design projects. So under the Fussy Gardener – Home and Garden Design Consultants brand we now begin this new chapter focused on transforming tired properties in special places into something worthy of their setting. We look forward to this new home and property overhaul with our full attention and a view that is simply spectacular. So stay tuned to the latest project, we’ll be keeping you apprised through blog posts and video on our new business serving as designers and consultants in the home and garden design industry as well.