Dreaming It. Planning It. Creating it at Grandview.

Dreams can sometimes feel nearly impossible to realize, which pretty much puts the planning and creating bit on standby. The past 14 months have been tough, I’m not gonna lie. Taking on a large renovation project in a new town with limited quality trades, shore erosion, record high water levels on Georgian Bay, grading and draining issues, a parade of unforeseen set backs with the house renovation – and for the crescendo, let’s add a world pandemic with all of its bizarre implications on life as usual. Not to mention the financial pressure, but like our building inspector said early on, “Well, it’s too late to turn back now.” And so we press on.


On occasion a friend may give an encouraging word to express how much things have been progressing. I suppose when you’re in the thick of it you can get lost in how much there still is to do and fail to see the accomplishments. The days seem filled with a hundred or more tasks, a list that only seems to get longer instead of shorter.

We moved into our nearly finished house a few weeks ago and with the hope of kinder temperatures ahead, I’ve divided my attention to getting the landscape finished up as well. We have surges of accomplishment and then the waiting once again on either people or weather.

I’ve been asked by some of you for more updates on how things are progressing. Here’s how our house and garden project is looking currently. All being well, the next few weeks should see some progress. The finish line is in sight finally and we’re most grateful.