Diggin’ It

In preparation for our new garden, some trees and shrubs we liked needed to be moved to preferable spots and gaps needed to be filled in with new plant additions. Thanks to Mike Clarke.

My new neighbour Jane gave me some tips on plantings that might take better on the bay. She recommended Mugo Pines* as they typically do really well in colder, more intense winter climates. We had one Mugo along our shoreline already and 3 gaps across the breadth of the property begging for something, so it seemed to make sense to visually punctuate our landscape with 3 more Mugos. Less lonely for our one Mugo I suppose. I’ve always liked them. The results are quite pleasing to the eye.

*Pinus mugo, known as creeping pine, dwarf mountainpine, mugo pine, mountain pine, scrub mountain pine or Swiss mountain pine, is a species of conifer, native to high elevation habitats from southwestern to Central Europe.

As noted in the video, “All is well that ends well”.