Christmas at Walnut Farm

This Christmas was quietly special, spent with family at their farm just west of the Beaver Valley, near Georgian Bay. While this winter hasn’t been abundant with snow so far, Walnut Farm was blessed with a fresh falling just in time for a picture perfect holiday.


In spite of our hibernating gardens in Canada, the architecture of plantings, trees, berries and bordering evergreen add to the unique seasonal beauty of this cold dormant season. I’d encourage you to consider this even in the spring and summer as you plan for garden improvements. Imagine all of the seasons, the winter especially, and what you might include in your ongoing plans to ensure that half of the year is well accounted for in the garden design.

Walnut Farm has all the ambience of a rural Ontario homestead and has provided a familiarity that makes our coming move to the area less daunting. While the cultural aspects of city life still allure, our longing for natural beauty and a setting worthy of our next project have finally won out which has led us to purchase a spectacular property on Georgian Bay in the Town of Meaford.

Our adventures over the years confirm our desires, inform our choices and direct our vision. We look forward to this new property and the gardens we dream of, plan and create over the coming months.