Project Updates

Trees R Us

A non-negotiable on the Grandview property was privatizing the property and creating a beautiful space to look out the front windows at. The backyard view of Georgian Bay sealed the deal, but the front yard simply didn’t beckon the same response. An underwhelming streetscape and hydro wires draped across the property didn’t provide a pleasant shared vista in our new neighbourhood and so we began to dream it, plan it, create it.


Rock On!

We’re approaching a full year of non-stop, full-tilt, cheque-hemorrhaging renovation on our latest property make over and I’m not going to lie, I’m exhausted. Like any large project there’s a point where you just want to quit, but there’s no turning back once you’re this far into it and so we press on to the finish line.


Dream It. Plan It. Create It.

So goes the Fussy Gardener mantra and so goes the work at Grandview.


I found a natural stone mason in Toronto, Rod Tapp from Top Mark Property Improvements, to put in a 40’ Eramosa Tiger Stripe dry-laid retaining wall along the front of the property, part of a courtyard garden I’ve designed and I’m hoping to finish next spring. Rod and Byron finished this just before the fall came to a close and I’m delighted with the outcome. Their commitment and craftsmanship was commendable.

We Press On

Much has happened at our property overhaul in recent weeks. The house is coming along, framing done, finishing up on insulation and boarding, all new doors and windows, electrical, plumbing and HVAC. Finding good trades has been challenging in this neck of the woods, namely because of the shortage of skilled workers and the increasing demands of new development in the area.


Diggin’ It

In preparation for our new garden, some trees and shrubs we liked needed to be moved to preferable spots and gaps needed to be filled in with new plant additions. Thanks to Mike Clarke.

Spring-ing Up

The first sign of change for me is the ground flowers that flag us to the warmer weather coming and ultimately, gardening season. Hyacinths, Bloodroot, Daffodils, English Bluebells, Tulips and Vinca are a few of my favourites.


Tidying Up The Stumps

Georgian Bay Called Us Home

The lovely under-realized town of Meaford just west of Thornbury has been homestead to our family for many years. With a new chapter of life before us we decided to leave city life and go in search of more tranquil and beautiful surroundings. Top priority was to search for waterfront property and after three years of intensive searching we finally found our new nest. The hope being that no one can build or develop on the water, so at the very least, half our view will always be naturally wondrous. With the right plan we can privatize the front half with mature plantings as any gardener would.


Southeast Oakville Garden Project

It was already November when Jon Bowman from JRB Group called me and said, “I need Fussy.” I was concerned about access to plants, not to mention the planting of them so late in the fall. Jon was pushing forward to finish a beautiful new build in southeast Oakville on Lakeshore for putting on the market early in the new year.


Our New Calling

We were so honoured to have American publisher Hoffman Media feature our master bedroom on the cover of their new book release, “Classic Cottages – A Collection of Welcoming Homes with Personal Charm”. When Cindy Smith Cooper called and asked if we had any other house projects they could use, we were delighted when they chose to feature Forestwood as well.