Project Updates

Diggin’ It

In preparation for our new garden, some trees and shrubs we liked needed to be moved to preferable spots and gaps needed to be filled in with new plant additions. Thanks to Mike Clarke.

Spring-ing Up

The first sign of change for me is the ground flowers that flag us to the warmer weather coming and ultimately, gardening season. Hyacinths, Bloodroot, Daffodils, English Bluebells, Tulips and Vinca are a few of my favourites.


Tidying Up The Stumps

Georgian Bay Called Us Home

The lovely under-realized town of Meaford just west of Thornbury has been homestead to our family for many years. With a new chapter of life before us we decided to leave city life and go in search of more tranquil and beautiful surroundings. Top priority was to search for waterfront property and after three years of intensive searching we finally found our new nest. The hope being that no one can build or develop on the water, so at the very least, half our view will always be naturally wondrous. With the right plan we can privatize the front half with mature plantings as any gardener would.


Southeast Oakville Garden Project

It was already November when Jon Bowman from JRB Group called me and said, “I need Fussy.” I was concerned about access to plants, not to mention the planting of them so late in the fall. Jon was pushing forward to finish a beautiful new build in southeast Oakville on Lakeshore for putting on the market early in the new year.


Our New Calling

We were so honoured to have American publisher Hoffman Media feature our master bedroom on the cover of their new book release, “Classic Cottages – A Collection of Welcoming Homes with Personal Charm”. When Cindy Smith Cooper called and asked if we had any other house projects they could use, we were delighted when they chose to feature Forestwood as well.


Inside Out

We were glad to finally see a copy of the July 2018 issue of Canadian House & Home Magazine featuring all the hard work on our most recent home and garden project – “Forsythe”.


All The Best From My Home to Yours

Everyone seems to be in some state of shock on how quickly Christmas descended upon us all this year. My theory is that we’ve all been in such an accelerated state doing this and that, we’ve sped through the last 12 months like a busy weekend, and so here we are.


You might be wondering why there have been so few posts since May. By way of update, 2017 was jam-packed with one of the busiest years I’ve lived in recent memory. Two amazing trips; Australia, New Zealand and then Europe; Italy – Sicily, Croatia, Montenegro, not to mention the west coast of Canada.

We All Fall Down

40+ bags of leaves, but who’s counting? The stately 450 year old Oak tree which provides a colony of life that canopies our home spring, summer and fall is of course the last to let go of its leaves in September.


Classic Elegance

The garden at Forsythe is coming in full tilt, beautifully. Everything is lush and green. This season has started off with more rain than usual and this is definitely proving beneficial to the plants.

The first to bloom this spring at Forsythe gardens, featuring a spectacular display of white heart-shaped flowers and handsome lime-green foliage.

The first to bloom this spring at Forsythe gardens, featuring a spectacular display of white heart-shaped flowers and handsome lime-green foliage.