Garden Adventures


The gardens at Schönbrunn Palace are grand in classic proportions. The history of these gardens add a maturity that is uniquely old Europe with its palatial surroundings. Vienna is full of such views, in a Parisian tradition.





This lush country with a climate ripe for gardening is one of my favourite spots on Earth. The sweet smell of the sea air and the dramatic scapes are more than worth the trip. Our friends who introduced us to this charming country lived on the southwest coast in a lovely town called Tenby. We stayed at Penally Abbey, a converted property that now serves as a world-class inn, featuring some beautiful gardens.





Call me partial, but every Irish gardener should visit the homeland and awaken the green thumb within. Ireland is the home of my ancestral roots and it’s darn pretty! Why did my relatives decide to move anyway? The gardens and antiquated ambience of Bunratty village, a historical tourist village, was one of many favourite memories. We also visited the Japanese Garden at the Dublin Stud Farm – enchanting!





Those French know how to do it! Some of the most beautiful gardens in the world are nestled in the countryside of France. From the opulent gardens of Versailles to a lovely hotel court garden right in the middle of busy Avignon.