Fussy Finds

Dirt Bag!

Some of my best ideas come from those around me. I’ve noticed our neighbours getting these big truck-sized bags dropped at the end of their driveway full of rich black earth. Given that we now have a gravel driveway, cleaning up a dump of soil might be challenging. Not to mention the other benefits of this kind of containment and provision. It stays dry and soft until I’m completed, at my pacing, distributing it around our property. No worry about rain, or my irrigation system, making a big muddy mess.




Elegant Garden Lifestyle

Another favourite chain of stores I frequent when traveling in the US is Smith & Hawken. I can spend hours in their stores. I first discovered them in Soho, New York. They have a delightful selection of the most stylish and functional gadgets for garden lifestyle. A great idea place for any gardener. You can check them out at: smithandhawken.com.



“Royal” Gardening Boots

I found these very cool boots from the UK in a most unusual place on the weekend– a hip and trendy shoe boutique on Queen Street in the fashion district of Toronto. Originally designed for hiking the rugged terrain of Scotland, they are the creation of American entrepreneur Mr. Henry Lee Norris who landed on Scottish shores in 1856 to establish his boot making company. Hunter’s boots have become legendary for their durability and comfort, not to mention classic style.



The Education of a Gardener

One of my favourite “garden” reads lately is a classic called, “The Education of a Gardener” by Russell Page. Russell was one of the most renowned garden designers of the 20th century. He lived from 1906 through 1985 and documented much of his experience in this wonderful compendium of design philosophy and anecdotal examples from his work. This book isn’t easy to get, but worth it if you can.



The Fussy Song

A whimsical jingle, written and sung by Cliff Cline, a talented writer, musician and friend. Visit cliffcline.com to listen to his latest CD titled “Noticing the sky.”