Fussy Finds

Concrete Braided Garden Boundaries

When I was traveling in Scotland last summer I noticed that many of the gardens had cast concrete “braided rope” borders in aged concrete and I thought it would be great to incorporate this in our new garden at Grandview. All of the sources for this product however seem to come from the UK. I couldn’t find a North American supplier.

Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 1.18.42 AM

La Foce Bellissima!

Over the holidays we were visiting friends who travel and they had a coffee table book titled “La Foce – A Garden and Landscape in Tuscany” that caught my eye. Here’s a place you might want to add to your bucket list if you love gardens, happen to be in Tuscany and would like to either plan a day visit or maybe stay over. This is one spectacular spot.

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Pots on Plinths

Gardening in Ontario is generally on quite a different playing field than it is in many places in Europe. Such a long tradition of finessing the art of gardening. I find most garden centres in Ontario carry tacky, tasteless concrete cast accessories for home and garden, which requires more effort when hunting for better options. Unfortunately with currency exchange, tariffs and shipping fees, the US and Europe are out of reach for our budget, even though there are many great resources further afoot than here at home.


Fussy at Fiori

A great florist can be most inspiring to a gardener. It’s like a museum of sensory delight where nature and design, human and divine, come together in beautiful harmony.


Furnishing the Garden

I’ve been on the hunt to find two matching solid Teak benches for our new garden. A couple of sitting options strategically placed for reflection and repose in the unfolding plan.


Something Special

If you’re looking for something extraordinary for your garden, and you’re serious about gardening in the most tasteful terms, then look no further. Coivic Specimen Trees has spent nearly 40 years cultivating a reputation as a multi-faceted force in the landscape construction industry, building some of the most prestigious gardens in Southern Ontario.


George Coito, LAT

Dan’s the Man

Of course when it comes to gardens the British often lead the show. I recently came across the work of Dan Pearson, British Landscape Architect & Garden Designer. Dan and his studio are doing some remarkable garden design work that I find most inspirational.


Monty Don in Italy

Over the holidays there was much binge watching and one of the series I most enjoyed was the ever knowledgeable Monty Don taking me touring through some of the most interesting and stunning gardens of Italy.

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