Fussy Finds

Something Special

If you’re looking for something extraordinary for your garden, and you’re serious about gardening in the most tasteful terms, then look no further. Coivic Specimen Trees has spent nearly 40 years cultivating a reputation as a multi-faceted force in the landscape construction industry, building some of the most prestigious gardens in Southern Ontario.


George Coito, LAT

Dan’s the Man

Of course when it comes to gardens the British often lead the show. I recently came across the work of Dan Pearson, British Landscape Architect & Garden Designer. Dan and his studio are doing some remarkable garden design work that I find most inspirational.


Monty Don in Italy

Over the holidays there was much binge watching and one of the series I most enjoyed was the ever knowledgeable Monty Don taking me touring through some of the most interesting and stunning gardens of Italy.

Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at 9.32.51 AM

In The Garden

I came across Beth Dow’s work a few months ago and then more recently. I particularly loved here series called, “In The Garden”. Something about the tones and texture of the images and the way she frames a shot I find completely captivating. Beth has an eye for irony. The way she frames a shot I find completely captivating. Beth has an eye for irony.


The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side

I’m not sure why we don’t have a Rolling Greens Nursery in the GTA, or something as gardening “stylish” – well, there is Centro in Burlington. Maybe it’s time for Fussy to start up a store?

Anyway, I came across this beautiful concept online and if it’s as exciting in person as their website is, I definitely want to pay a visit next time I’m in LA or Culver City.

Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 8.08.11 PM

The Water is Free

A great idea from Family Handyman for capturing roof waste water and repurposing it for plants and garden areas. Of course there are different ways to do this, but I thought this was smart and I liked the illustration.

The World’s Best Garden Hose

Last year I purchased a 100’ garden hose from Home Hardware that boasted on its package to be the “world’s best garden hose” and was assured by the clerk at the store that it was their most popular. It became apparent after a long arduous, very frustrating, nearly comedic, unravelling of this $100 product – a dollar a foot of sheer torment to try and straighten out – that it was in fact the world’s worst garden hose. I was so frustrated, but let it go too long, hoping it would limber up and be more cooperative after some usage. Such was not the case. I gave it away this year.