Building the Wall

I recently came a cross an interesting article on retaining walls from “This Old House” which I thought I’d share. I’m currently giving a client some landscaping advice on a steep slope in the grade running alongside their new home. Perfect for a retaining wall and this article comes just in time for consideration on how best to resolve the garden issues related to this awkward transition between the two properties.


Beyond some great tips on the logistics of building various types of retaining walls, the article provides some excellent suggestions on greening up your wall. It lists kinds of ‘climbers’ one might consider; “New Dawn” Climbing Rose, Climbing Hydrangea, Virginia Creeper and Trumpet Honeysuckle – rooted along the base of the wall, these plants grow up in search of sun. Most benefit from a trellis to help get them established. You can usually remove the support after a year or two. As well, ‘drapers’ such as one of my favourites Rock Cotoneaster, and others like Fairy Rose, Creeping Phlox and Ice Plant.

Hope you find the article as helpful and interesting as I did – check it out here!