Best time of the Year!

This spring has been toggling between quite warm and quite cool. Not a lot of rain, but the plants are coming up beautifully nonetheless. I love this time of the year because of how fertile and lush the garden looks. All of the new growth adds a vibrant green to the existing palette. Everything is fresh and in bloom, not yet fatigued by summer heat.





The pool looked like swamp bog when we removed the cover this week, but things seem to be clearing up. Even if when we don’t use it for swimming, it adds such a tranquil feature to the property.


I’ve been working hard to find all the bio inventory I need to fill our planters around the property, including my two new planter boxes from California. Details on Fussy Finds. I’ve got some good things for everyone on this post, so don’t miss that.


I had the pleasure of a recent Saturday afternoon, upon arriving in Nashville, Tennessee, visiting Cheekwood Art & Gardens. A very memorable day. I’d like to share a few of those moments with you in this blog update, so visit Garden Adventures.